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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August in Arizona part 1: Austin Invasion

On my latest trip to Phoenix, AZ, I was fortunate to attend 3 different shows, 2 in one night and scored some decent video. the First show I attended was Scott H Biram, Mario Matteoli, and Tom Vandenavond at the Last Exit Bar in Tempe,AZ. There was already a camera crew present so some the shots having random people walking in front of me, while i try to re-angle.

First up on the lineup was Tom Vandenavond from Austin,TX. This guy probably has the most haunting male vocals I have heard in a long time and sings some great ballads . Its hard to compare him with anyone, he has style thats familiar while also being original. if you like the video posted below you can check out more music at

Next up was another singer songwriter from Austin,TX, Mario Matteoli formerly of the Weary Boys who had percussion and vocal backup by Cayce Marsh. I had never seen Mario Matteoli solo and was really looking forward to it, after seeing the Weary Boys a handful (or maybe 2 handfuls) of times. I would have to say the only thing I found disappointing was how short the set was. It was great to hear songs sound so full when they had the simple ingredients of acoustic guitar, vocals, and feet stomping along with the tambourine. Each video features a song from different albums, if you want to hear more go to

Mario Matteoli

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