Gang Activity

2/25/12- Sorrower, Dead canyon, Monger @ filthy French Pavilion, Tempe,AZ

2/27/12- Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon @ clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

Saturday, August 28, 2010

the Mad Hatter's Curtain Call

It's taken me a really long time to post anything new, and though I've been to tons of shows, the thought of pulling out the video camera just became a little tiresome after awhile. Which is a shame because of how many great bands I have seen this past year. Hopefully I will get back into gear and put more stuff up, but for now I am posting some video of the final Black Hell show.

This was a bittersweet evening. Excited to see this show, but bummed to lose another great Arizona band. Over the past few years I have spent my nights in dive bars, warehouses, art spaces, etc watching a band that I truly believe was at the top of their genre. They just never had the attention they deserved. So below is the final performance 4/28/10 @ the Nile Basement aka the Underground in Mesa,AZ. Enjoy as I always did.