Gang Activity

2/25/12- Sorrower, Dead canyon, Monger @ filthy French Pavilion, Tempe,AZ

2/27/12- Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon @ clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

Friday, December 12, 2008

Leave Your Parents at Home

After a month of houses and promoters being unable to get a show for Knelt Rote, INCISION TATTOO in Glendale,AZ opened up their shop late December 10,2008 to give the touring band as well as a couple of young locals a lace to play. Incision has great artists and great people. If you are in town or passing through, make sure to get tattooed there.

Being 2 years removed from Arizona, this was the 1st time I had heard Dias Mas Oscuros. I would definitely say they are something Phoenix punk needs. Fast and heavy with songs about social change. Hope they stick around for a while.

My good friend Sam just joined this band but hasnt played a show with them yet. These guys still rule, but once they get his brutal gutturals they be way killer.

It seemed like Knelt Rote was going to be arrested by Murphy's Law (not the band) when it came to this show. First off going a month without any confirmation to have everything set 30 hours before could be jarring. But things didnt stop there. In Gallup,NM their van broke down so they sat for hours and lost $700 in repairs. Then showing up to the show later than they hoped. They immediately had to start setting up. But when they showed there was about 40 or so people waiting to see them play. As luck would have it a fight broke out while they were setting up. A kids dad starting fighting his friends, a pit bull was involved, then threats of everyone getting shot. Basically a normal westside party. After everything died down and we got the problems eliminated enough, Knelt Rote finally got to play for a diminished yet appreciative crowd. All in all, the show was fun, the bands were great and the Incision dudes are great people.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Evil Genius, Athletes foot on the Junk, and something about a Unicorn?

Saturday December 6th, 2008 @ Satyricon in Portland,OR was a great show to end the year on. Last Empire headlined with Funerot coming down from Washington state to play as well as the return of Dr. Mastermind.

Its kind of unfair that when a guy comes out dressed like an extra from Mad Max if it was shot in winter, yet you still cant make fun of the band. Reason being, Dr Mastermind kicks ass. The songs fucking rock. Here is some old footage from the 80's, then some footage I shot from the show.


Funerot tells bad jokes and play great music. Here is proof.


These guys are mind blowing. Safe to say they are probably a plane ticket to Germany away from being metal Gods. With members of Engorged, Malice, and of course Joe Preston. Last Empire are one of the best things going in Portland.