Gang Activity

2/25/12- Sorrower, Dead canyon, Monger @ filthy French Pavilion, Tempe,AZ

2/27/12- Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon @ clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morbid Reality Fest

Sorrower was fortunate enough to play with some great bands at the Morbid Reality Fest on 11/13/10 at the BLVD in Los Angeles,CA . Plutocracy being one of them.


Not much to say other than this show had one of the best local lineups I have seen in a while. GodAwfulNoise, Lago, and Impregnator are probably my 3 favorite Phoenix area bands right now. It also doesn't hurt that Intronaut killed as well. The show took place 11/4/10 at Rogue Bar in Scottsdale,AZ.


Ex members of Sunyata and Deadwrong. Both were good bands, but this is a great band. Stoked to hear more from these guys.

Brutal, catchy death metal. My first time catching them live and wasn't disappointed. They have a new EP out that you can get at Pale Horse Recordings

Currently my favorite AZ band

Hadn't seen them since the Void album. They have added softer vocal parts in some songs that still maintain their heaviness.