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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August in Arizona part 2: BOURBON WITCH!!!

Right on the Mesa-Tempe border is an awesome little dive bar called the Hollywood Alley. It always has this red kind of tint, old movie posters, air hockey tables, great food, friendly staff, good selection of beer, etc, etc, etc. Basically my favorite bar in the East Valley. I have been lucky enough to have seen and played some really fun shows there. August 23rd 2008 the Hollywood Alley celebrated its 20th Anniversary and is the longest running venue in the Phoenix area . The celebration featured live music of course which i didnt get to see all of being at the Mario Matteoli and Tom Vandenavond show. By the time we got there Pinky Tuscadero's White Knuckle Ass-Fuck was just finishing up, and I was bummed i didnt get footage. Though shortly after I did get to witness the one night only performance of Hollywood Alley regulars who got together to make a new band just for this party. the band was Bourbon Witch consisting of members from Greenhaven, Reverend Doom, North Side Kings, Blanche Davidian, and Pinky Tuscadero's WKAF.


Next up was Greenhaven who have been rockin the alley for years now. Greenhaven is a rock n' roll band, who happen to be awesome. Its nice to see a band play good ole fashioned hard rock with a singer that sings and a guitar player who plays sweet riffs. Too bad the video quality is really poor, i was standing in a bad spot.


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