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Monday, May 4, 2009

the return of the Nutty Nuggets

Last time Stormcrow came to Portland they stayed at my house. The next morning one of my neighbors thought it would be a great idea to be an asshole and leave this awesome note (above) on their windshield. If it wasnt so hilarious we probably would have been pissed. We were puzzled by one line in particular, the one that said "nutty nuggets!". Apparently it is a generic version of Grape Nuts, and there was a random box littered in the street which they were blamed for. With memories like that, I knew I was in for a good time this weekend. Stormcrow rolled into Portland for the second time since October this time with Japanese cult metallers Coffins. te show took place 5/2/09 at Satyricon and was supported by Aldebaran and Thrones. This was also my first show that I recorded with an actual camcorder!!! the quality is waaaaay better than anything I have ever shot, I'm still new too it and working out the kinks so give me a little time.

I showed up too late to get video of their set but got a way too far snapshot of this great Portland doom band.

Thrones is Joe Preston, which is a good indicator that it is awesome. A guy with a great resume of bands doing his own thing, and doing it well.

I likely have more video of Stormcrow than most any other band. Unfortunately Brian pretty much lost his voice so he is struggling a bit, but the band still sounds great.

I had missed a lot of their set at Maryland Death Fest last year (2008) so I was stoked these guys were coming. They have that perfect mix of old school death with a little sludge. Super excited to see them 2 more times!

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