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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deadeyedstare part 1...... Wishing You Were Dead

Gods among men.

Back in the Fall of 2003 my old band took a weekend trip to play two shows in Northern California. First show was in Sacramento, the second being in Alameda, just outside of Oakland. At the show in Alameda we met another band that was suppose to play, but some of their members had gotten lost and didnt make it in time. We quickly made friends with these guys and they handed us their demos. They were called Deadeyedstare and were from Stockton,CA, a little city a little over an hour east of the Bay. From then on our bands became friends, playing shows together in California and Arizona.  They had some lineup changes, as did we but ultimately deciding to call it quit having their final performaances  July 24th 2004 in Phoenix,AZ.
This is one of those bands that I personally will never forget the impact they had on me. To see a band perform grindcore with such ferocity that would make any hardcore band look lazy. The moment the first chord was struck, they were live chaos.  Fights would break out, circle pits would erupt, and for 20 minutes you felt like you were actually alive. When they called it quits I was really bummed, because I knew there were so many people who missed out on this band.
Below is a 20 minute documentary of sorts done by Zac's(bass) brother Nick for a school project. The footage is them being young jackasses, drinking syrup, and eating pancakes. There is also some live footage of them at their practice space.

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