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Monday, January 19, 2009

House of Cthulu!!!!

finally a new ENGORGED record!!!  The Shotgun Gulch metal maniacs just released this info for the upcoming LP "House of Cthulu"

Engorged "House of Cthulhu" LP news and track listing!

Engorged is finally getting ready to hit the studio! After intensive rehearsals in their ocean floor citadel, Engorged has finally finished writing their new LP "The House Of Cthulhu" and begun recording, shooting for an early Summer 09 release on Tank Crimes Records! The LP will also feature terrifying all new artwork by the one and only Dennis Dread!

As fans who have caught Engorged live in the last few months can attest to, the new material is by far their most aggressive and lethal to date, combining the over the top death metal and thrash mixture of Engorged's last 3 lps, into a new, even more destructive sound, without losing the crazed Engorged edge that metal heads world wide have come to know and love. Cosmic horror set to speed metal tempos!

The track listing for "The House Of Cthulhu" at this time is:

1. No Sleep Till R'lyeh
2. Strikeforce : Cthulhu
3. Into The Vaults Of Yoh-Vombis
4. The Hound
5. Electric Executioner
6. Mysteries Of The Worm
7. Rats In The Walls
8. The Space Eaters
9. Return Of The Old Ones

Also, an exciting Engorged myspace feature! Engorged will be doing a fan interview on Feb 20th 2009. If you have any questions or advice you would like
to ask Engorged, submit them here to the Engorged myspace page before Feb 19th 2009.

Please submit your question to the "message" section, and title the subject as "fan questions".

Watch this space for more news as it develops, and prepare yourself to enter...
"The House Of Cthulhu"! Your mind may never be the same again...

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