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Monday, November 10, 2008

un fin de semana viaje a Berkeley para ver dañado el último espectáculo en gira

Until 11/8/08, I had never been to 924 Gilman. Which is odd since I have been to Bay Area at over a half dozen times in the past couple years. I think I picked the right show to see. This was the final show on Corrupted's US tour and they as well as Asunder, Amber Asylum, and Stormcrow all had great performances.

Its safe to say that at this time i have more Stormcrow footage than anything else. They opened up the show and sounded great as usual, unfortunately you could barely hear the vocals

One of the main reasons I decided to take the 10 hour drive was because Amber Asylum is playing. They have a sound that is so haunting and beautiful that you can become hypnotized by it. Their set was unfortunately cut short but they were able to sneak in one more song. This footage, sound wise is probably some of the best I have taken

This time I only took one short clip because I was standing pretty far away. Corrupted was again outstanding and played nearly 2 hours (if not longer). Lets all hope we dont have to wait another decade or so for them to return.

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