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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Kunts is Alive!

For the 3rd year in a row i attended Dennis Dread's amazing underground art show "Entartete Kunts". This year featured some great art by Nick Blinko, Arik Roper, Rob Miller, Chanel Adair, manyy others including Dennis Dread himself. If you are close enough to make it out, go check it out at the Life Gallery in Portland,OR. Sorry to any artists I didnt mention, my memory is horrible.

admiring the original ballpoint drawing for Darkthrone's album "Dark Thrones and Black Flags" by D. Dread

Nick Blinko original artwork. This piece goes for $12,000!!! Well worth it for any fan that can afford it.

sword made by Rob Miller (Amebix) just for this show!!!

Alice worshipping our lovely curator

Frank plays real heavy metal, no Accept-tions

album cover for the forthcoming Bobby BeauSoleil Lucifer Rising project. Art by D. Dread

Dementia Rex artwork by Luisma

art by E. Danielsson (Watain)

Jason Storey

Chanel Adair

Arik Roper

S. Clay Wilson


Ryan S. said...

Looks like Frank is scratching on the steel wheels.

Brown said...
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Brown said...

Yeah, I finally found a way of making "Mad Locust Rising" even more ripping. I think this combination of rap and metal will catch on. - Frank