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2/25/12- Sorrower, Dead canyon, Monger @ filthy French Pavilion, Tempe,AZ

2/27/12- Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon @ clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

Monday, September 22, 2008


I never thought i would get to see Carcass live since they broke up before I had heard of them. This is another case of a band getting back together and making it work well enough for you to want them to stick around and not just have the novelty of seeing them on their "last tour".

This show was in Seattle,WA at El Corazon and was the only show on the tour that wasnt sold out or even over sold. I managed to find a great spot to stand and watch but was asked not to shoot video, so i had to pretend like i wasnt, which is why the video is so shaky.

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