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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swedish Invasion pt7: Farewell after Midnight

The last night of the tour we pulled into Olympia to these lofts to find a large room at the top of the stairs filled with grafitti from the 40's and 50's. I had never been to a show in Olympia and thought it wouldnt be that great. I was so wrong about that. The show took place at the Cherry Lofts on 5/14/09 in Olympia,WA.

It was cool to see the Midnight and General Surgery tours intersect with one another. Midnight really got the crowd going and has somme catchy tunes. I finally picked up a record at MDF because they didnt have any at their shows.

Engorged made the crowd erupt. This was their first time in Olympia and I know it wont be their last after this night. New songs kill and Sean rocked out harder than I have ever seen.

Sad that this was the last night of tour. I have really grown fond of them as people which makes their music even more enjoyable. I recommend buying their newest album, as well as their old ones.

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