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2/25/12- Sorrower, Dead canyon, Monger @ filthy French Pavilion, Tempe,AZ

2/27/12- Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon @ clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swedish Invasion pt1: debauchery in the desert

General Surgery kicked off their first West Coast tour with a last minute show in a small desert city outside of Los Angeles called Palmdale. This show was full of karate kicks, afros and basketball jerseys. The kids were overly violent and reminiscent of douchebag kids from well over 5 years ago. Palmdale is like the Chechnya of America, 5-10 years behind the times. The show overall was still pretty fun.

Destroyed in Seconds is ex members of Phobia playing a more hardcore style of punk. I think this is only their third or fourth show, but they are already fun to watch.

This is one of the only shows ever that they have played without their bloody scrubs. They sounded great, but I was a little too close to the PA.

This set was all about the Bro with the Fro

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